Identifying Self Sabotaging Behaviors

"There is nothing holding you back in life more than yourself."

That's the very first sentence in the book The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest. We read the book for book club and during our discussion I asked the members if they agreed with the statement. 100% answered yes.

One of the hardest things to do in this life is to look within to unravel the mess of stress, fear, and emotions that lurk below the surface. But when you want to heal, when you want to get unstuck, you must do the inner work.

Identifying self sabotaging behaviors is critical to your growth and progress. Knowing how to get out of your own way is powerful fuel for becoming your highest self.

Turns out there are many types of self sabotage. I'm super familiar justification. I often say I'm going to stop eating sugar and then order dessert after dinner. That self sabotaging thought process falls into justification. The little voice in my head says, just this one time.

Which of these types of self sabotage resonate...

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How to Stop Overthinking Everything

One of the strengths of introverts is thinking things through and weighing risks before acting. This serves us in not making hasty decisions. However, we have a tendency to think too much and get stuck in one of the forms of overthinking:

Analysis paralysis



Overthinking is a hidden culprit that contributes to low energy. The mental load of weighing options, what ifs, and making decisions completely wears you out. But you're not doomed to constantly be a prisoner in your head. You can learn strategies to keep the chatter at bay. So what can you do to stop overthinking everything?

Know Your Values

First, know what your values are. It's much easier to make a decision when it's in alignment with your values. For example, I value knowledge, down time, and honesty, amongst other things. So investing in books, courses, and coaches is an easy yes for me because it increases my knowledge and helps me grow.

I also value rest and an unbusy schedule. So I...

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The Simple Way to Stay Positive and Motivated

clarity productivity stress May 11, 2021

You know that feeling of warm sunshine on your bare skin?  That little bit of warmth is an instant mood boost.  Animals seek the joy of sunshine too...

My dog


A lemur at a zoo we visited (eyes closed, soaking it all in:)

Sunshine is renewable positive energy. 

As an introverted small business owner, staying positive when things get hard is challenging.  Especially if you don't have a team around you to share and connect with.  So, soaking up all positive energy is important for preventing stuckness, procrastination, and burnout.

Yet, we tend to deflect positive energy even though it feels good and is needed.  Did someone give you a compliment or show appreciation that you didn't fully receive?  Like this example:

Friend:  I love the outfit you're wearing!
You:  This? It's so old and faded and has a little stain.
Friend:  Well, you can't tell and it looks cute on you.
You: It's a little tight, but it was the only thing clean to...

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Peak Productivity: The Key to Consistent Sales


Watch the replay of the live Peak Productivity Workshop!

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3 Simple Ways to Be More Productive

clarity productivity stress Nov 02, 2020

Get Goals Done!

Being more productive and getting goals done all comes down to planning and preparation. Watch for 3 easy ways to organize your week so you increase your productivity.

Here are a few reasons you may not be getting all your goals done:

  1. You're not writing down your "to do's."  Or if you are, it's not consistent and/or they aren't kept visible.
  2. You're overestimating how much work can get done in one week's time.
  3. The tasks are too big and you're overwhelmed.

The video above goes into more detail and provides solutions.

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How to Embrace Your Introvertedness

This year, I have fully embraced my introverted self. And I see the strengths that introverts have and use to emerge from the shadows of their minds to rise as successful entrepreneurs.

One thing that has helped me continue forward and make progress is having clarity on who I am and where my business is going.  "Clarity preceeds mastery" as Robin Sharma says.

I just started reading, "High Performance Habits," by Brendon Burchard. The first habit he talks about is Clarity. “Clarity on who you are is associated with overall self-esteem. This means that how positive you feel about yourself is tied to how well you know yourself.”

If you are an introvert embrace it!  Fighting it and wishing you could just be more extroverted will hold you back.  In fact, introversion is a trait you are born with. 

The first step to embracing your superpower:  introversion, is gaining clarity.

Steps to take for more Clarity

  • At the beginning of each quarter, I do a...
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Productivity and the Introvert Hangover

Feeling exhausted after being around people for extended periods of time is a real phenomenon for introverts.  And when you're exhausted, productivity goes down.  For an entrepreneur, it's a careful balance between getting the rest you need and moving the needle in your business.

I could absolutely feel my introvert hangover after attending a business retreat over the weekend.  There were 20 of us working on our methods and providing feedback for each other.  I really enjoyed my time the group.

We started around 9am Friday morning and went to 6ish.  Then I went out to dinner with 4 other wonderful female entrepreneurs.  Saturday started around 9:30am, but went until 9pm.  I could feel the urge to leave.  When the tables got moved for a salsa lesson, that's when I had to bow out.  My social battery was completely drained!  I called the Uber and said peace out.

Stage Set for an Introvert Hangover

During my flight back home, I planned...

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