The Simple Way to Stay Positive and Motivated

clarity productivity stress May 11, 2021

You know that feeling of warm sunshine on your bare skin?  That little bit of warmth is an instant mood boost.  Animals seek the joy of sunshine too...

My dog


A lemur at a zoo we visited (eyes closed, soaking it all in:)

Sunshine is renewable positive energy. 

As an introverted small business owner, staying positive when things get hard is challenging.  Especially if you don't have a team around you to share and connect with.  So, soaking up all positive energy is important for preventing stuckness, procrastination, and burnout.

Yet, we tend to deflect positive energy even though it feels good and is needed.  Did someone give you a compliment or show appreciation that you didn't fully receive?  Like this example:

Friend:  I love the outfit you're wearing!
You:  This? It's so old and faded and has a little stain.
Friend:  Well, you can't tell and it looks cute on you.
You: It's a little tight, but it was the only thing clean to wear.

How much would your mood be boosted if you acknowledged positive energy instead of deflecting it?

The next time someone shines positive energy on you, pause and accept it.  Say, "thank you!"  And further, AGREE with them:)

Practice creating space within yourself to appreciate natural good feelings.


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