How to Stop Overthinking Everything

One of the strengths of introverts is thinking things through and weighing risks before acting. This serves us in not making hasty decisions. However, we have a tendency to think too much and get stuck in one of the forms of overthinking:

Analysis paralysis



Overthinking is a hidden culprit that contributes to low energy. The mental load of weighing options, what ifs, and making decisions completely wears you out. But you're not doomed to constantly be a prisoner in your head. You can learn strategies to keep the chatter at bay. So what can you do to stop overthinking everything?

Know Your Values

First, know what your values are. It's much easier to make a decision when it's in alignment with your values. For example, I value knowledge, down time, and honesty, amongst other things. So investing in books, courses, and coaches is an easy yes for me because it increases my knowledge and helps me grow.

I also value rest and an unbusy schedule. So I purposefully don't plan a lot of activities for the weekends. I often turn down dinner invitations from my mother. Down time is a high priority for me!

Take Breaks Throughout the Day

Next, take intentional breaks. If you're getting stuck contemplating, it's time to step away from the task and take a "brain break," as my daughter calls it. My personal favorite brain break is to go outside for a walk.

Organizing and decluttering is also an effective tool to stop overthinking. It's an interruption to the thought pattern. And before you think that taking a break equals not being productive, realize that sitting with spiraling thoughts is unproductive. A short break brings focus back. So take the time to step away and reset.

Establish Habits

Habits are ingrained and require very little thought to accomplish. Here are a few daily habits that keep my day moving without using time and energy.

~Eat the same thing for breakfast every day
6 days a week I make the exact same smoothie for breakfast. I don't wonder what to eat. I always have the ingredients on hand because they automatically make the grocery list each week.

~Wear the same style every day
I live in athleisure. Every morning I put on stretchy pants and a casual top. The majority of my pants are black. I don't stand in my closet wondering what to wear. Simon Cowell and Steve Jobs do this too. You recognize their jeans and t-shirt no matter what style.

~Bedtime at the same time every day
I go to bed at 10pm every night. It's non-negotiable. The TV gets turned off no matter what's on. Cell phone is off too. I don't stay up on the weekends just because I don't have to work the next day.

Make a Quick Decision

Tell yourself that you want to save energy and mental space so make a decision quickly. If you have a gut reaction, go with that. If you're really 50/50 between two choices, flip a coin. It will often reveal you have a stronger feeling towards one. Then go with that. The quick yes or no brings immediate relief.


Moving forward, you can take action on one of these this week. That's the key to each one -- action! You can become the master of your thoughts. Stay consistent and celebrate those moments where you notice your quieter mind.


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