Am I An Ambivert?

From the moment I heard the term "ambivert," I was intrigued. Am I an ambivert? After all, I don't mind being in large groups of people and I even don't mind small talk. So I rushed over to in the hopes of learning whether or not I was an ambivert or an introvert as I had previously discovered.

The results were ISTJ: an honest, responsible, logical introvert. I've since realized 16personalities is based on the Myers-Briggs personality indicator. And when the MBTI was developed, there was no such thing as an ambivert. Additionally, the validity of the MBTI has been questioned due to the two founders having no training in psychology or testing. Furthermore, Katharine Briggs developed her theories in the early 1900s. A lot has changed in 100 years!

That's the trouble with labels. It's so incredibly hard to group introverts into one specific mold. Introversion (or extroversion) is one piece of your complex personality. As Carl Jung stated, "There is no such thing as...

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Simple Way to Know If You're An Introvert

Are you wondering if you are an introvert?

The definition of introvert has been stretched to include all kinds of personality characteristics that aren't truly introverted traits.

Watch the video below and answer the one simple question to determine if you're an introvert or not!

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Vulnerability is the Untapped Emotion Introverts Desperately Need to Succeed

confidence introversion Apr 26, 2021

There is a stereotype that plagues many introverts:  that introverts are aloof.  And you have to peel off many layers of protection before revealing the tender core of an introvert.  Many introverts just don't "do" emotions.  Yet, being a human means experiencing emotions.

Ignoring our emotions is a protection mechanism.  It's also taking the easy way out rather than dealing with hard things.

Introverts typically want to blend in.  Speaking up and standing out means judgement, anxiety, and stress.  So it's easier to stay in the shadows where you can't experience unwanted emotions.

The ISTJs, Enneagram 1s, and perfectionists can agree that we tend to believe that vulnerability is weakness.  In fact, any emotion that pulls on the heartstrings often gets pushed aside.

Introverts also have big dreams.  Big dreams require courage and confidence to step outside of your comfort zone.  So how do you put your tendencies aside and put yourself...

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How to Be More Confident in Sales Conversations

Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you think about telling a client how to buy from you? Anxiety around talking and selling to potential customers really holds back the income you are making in your business. This video shares 4 steps to have more confident conversations.

Step 1: How to manage anxiety

Step 2:  Reframe your expectations

Steps 3: Know the outcomes/benefits of working with you

Step 4:  Plan your questions in advance

If you are ready to increase your confidence to put yourself out there and make more sales, check out the Confident Conversations training.

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How to Embrace Your Introvertedness

This year, I have fully embraced my introverted self. And I see the strengths that introverts have and use to emerge from the shadows of their minds to rise as successful entrepreneurs.

One thing that has helped me continue forward and make progress is having clarity on who I am and where my business is going.  "Clarity preceeds mastery" as Robin Sharma says.

I just started reading, "High Performance Habits," by Brendon Burchard. The first habit he talks about is Clarity. “Clarity on who you are is associated with overall self-esteem. This means that how positive you feel about yourself is tied to how well you know yourself.”

If you are an introvert embrace it!  Fighting it and wishing you could just be more extroverted will hold you back.  In fact, introversion is a trait you are born with. 

The first step to embracing your superpower:  introversion, is gaining clarity.

Steps to take for more Clarity

  • At the beginning of each quarter, I do a...
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