Guests don't want to share beds? Here are your options

retreat Sep 28, 2023

A lakefront rental sounds like the perfect location for your retreat. You love the idea of everyone being under the same roof, but you're anticipating more guests than there are bedrooms. So what do you do?

First, let go of the idea that the only way to accommodate your guests is by sleeping in the same house. With a shift in expectation and some options for when your guests don't want to share beds, you'll have renewed optimism in planning your retreat. Further, your guests may prefer options as well.

In our experience, it's the 30-year old and under demographic that is happy to share a bed or bedroom with someone in the group. So, if your retreat has younger guests, you may be able to have guests sleep in the same house.

For other guest accommodations, here are more options:

  1. Rent a second home
    You can rent two homes that are nearby each other so all guests can get the same experience. The views of the lake are a big part of the feel of the retreat. So renting two homes increases the amount of bedrooms while providing a consistent experience. (LRN provides amenities for guests in both homes.)
  2. Lakefront home + hotel
    The majority of the time during the retreat will be spent together by the lake. This means that the lakefront home can be where the activities and meals are. You, as the host, can sleep at the house, and your guests can stay in a nearby hotel. You can suggest a hotel to your guests and even see if you can get a group discount.
  3. Let them figure it out
    Let's face can only control so much of the guest experience. Take some of the pressure off yourself and let your guests figure out their own accommodations. Some guests might rent their own house. Some guests will opt for a hotel. Some might stay with family or friends in the area.

As the retreat host, it's important to make a decision and move on to the next task. There is food, workshops, activities, agenda all to be planned. And the Lakefront Retreat Network can save you time and energy when planning your retreat!

We know the area around the lake and can help you with organizing. LRN elevates your guest experience with amenities such as smoothies, bottled water, and yoga workouts. We also have a network of private chefs so you don't have to worry about cooking, back and forth trips to the grocery store, and all of the food sensitivities of your guests. Get more info on booking your retreat with the Lakefront Retreat Network.


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