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Our unique formula matches speakers who align in topics and audiences to co-host a retreat

Host a Retreat Without Doing All the Planning

Have you thought that hosting a retreat sounds good in theory, but also sounds like a lot of work?

There's a lot of planning that goes into a retreat and it can be pretty overwhelming. Not to mention the financial risk.

If there was a way to minimize the fear, would you do it? Would you share your knowledge to a small group of ideal clients in a gorgeous, lakefront setting?

Introducing collaborative retreats!

With collaborative retreats, the Lakefront Retreat Network brings speakers together who align in topics to co-host the retreat.

Our retreats focus on our core values of rest, knowledge, and personal growth. Therefore, we match speakers who provide education.

We welcome topics such as, but not limited to -
business: marketing, SEO, social media, podcasts, AI, sales, goal setting

well-being: organization, parenting, relationships, finances, habits, time management

mental health: stress, emotional intelligence, healing

There are so many benefits from speaking including:
attending the entire retreat and soaking up a lakefront getaway,
connecting with other speakers (which could lead to future partnerships,)
new ideal leads who can afford your services,
social media content,
and making money!

Watch this video with all the details

Lakefront Retreat Network Founder and Retreat Producer, Sara Lewis, shares expectations for speakers as well as compensation.


We organize the retreat and all you have to do is help promote and present one talk/workshop.


You know that hosting a retreat is a way to elevate your brand and provide even more to your clients, but doing it all alone is overwhelming. Let us handle all the research and details to make your retreat vision become a reality. All you need to do is be present for your guests.

2024 Retreats & Speaker Deadlines

April 11-14, TX (business) -- January 5

May 16-19, MD (wellness) -- February 2

September 19-22, VA (wellness) -- May 13


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