About the Lakefront Retreat Network

The Lakefront Retreat Network is the birthchild of Sara Lewis. Sara has been an entrepreneur since 2009. After closing a brick and mortar storefront and taking a major financial loss, Sara knew she could no longer try to figure out business all on her own. So she began seeking out coaches and mentors.

The first mastermind that Sara joined offered two retreats a year. After attending her first retreat, she was hooked on the power of getting away and stepping out of the day to day to work on your business versus in your business.

Sara and her husband built their dream vacation home on a lake in North Carolina. That sparked the idea to combine visionary work and lakefront settings.

Lakefront Retreat Network Core Values:

  • Rest
    We believe in rest, recovery, rejuvenation, and restoration. We stand against hustle and grind.
  • Learning
    We believe in being a constant student, developing knowledge, and personal development.
  • Becoming
    We believe you're always in the process of becoming your best self. Mindset and action helps you grow.


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